Dear Essence Franchisees,

Warm Greetings to all!

To ensure we’re always offering the best possible service to our clients, I’ve been researching the latest trends in the aesthetics industry. This has led me to identify some exciting new products and services that I believe could be a valuable addition to our offerings.

In this presentation, we showcase these new options and how they can benefit our business. While the decision to incorporate them ultimately rests with you, I’m confident they have the potential to:

   – Enhance client results

   – Expand our service menu and attract new clientele

   – Keep us at the forefront of the aesthetics industry

Of course, we’ll still be using the high-quality products we currently rely on.  The new options are meant to complement our existing offerings and provide even more value to our clients.

As a dedicated franchisee of Essence Derm Aesthetics, we ensure our clients receive the most innovative treatments and exceptional service.  By continuously exploring new options, we strive for continued growth and success.  Thank you for your ongoing support.

Jenny Quizon Diwa